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Friday, November 19, 2010

Why I'm getting spanked

I have been too flirttious and inconsiderate with several of the women at work.  But the last straw was when I swatted an Ethiopian woman on the bottom in front of her daughter and several friends. 

I have come to see that I was taking advantage of her good nature, and this is racist as well as several other 'ists' that I don't want to be identified with.

She is really hurt and outraged, and over several weeks together with my 'friend' Anne at work, has been deciding what she will to do to punish me.

I made the mistake of kidding and laughing over this.  I apologized and said I would 'kiss her ass' over this incident.

So last week I did in fact kiss her behind as she walked past where I was sitting; I was trying to make the incident a laughing matter.

She was even MORE furious and consulted with her friends and co workers.  She had a petition signed by eight women from work and several of her Ethiopian women relatives calling for me to be punished for acting in this way.  Several of these women mentioned a spanking as an option.

I think my friend Anne had a lot to do with the selection of this 'option' as she has been 'talking things over' with me for months.  I have to admit I did pinch Anne's friend when she came to lunch one day, and there were some other women at work I flirted excessively with...

Anne and Zahera  asked me to post a question on the Girls ask Guys site to assess women's opinions.  They were especially impressed with the one sent by Quacking Kafreen there, a thoughtful post that said a friend' s opinion was to be followed wherever it led.

The little 'meeting' was scheduled for Zahera's friend's hair salon near work.   Zahera's friend welcomed us and left, saying she would be back to close it at 6.

As Anne said with a smile when we started discussing the situation at 4 this afternoon, if it was up to her, I would be led over Zahera's knees...and that was what was decided.

Four women from work, a woman I had slapped on the behind some years ago who apparently was still in touch with Anne, and the yoga teacher from the nearby gym, together with Zahera's two cousins, were all in attendance at 4 PM and of course none of them objected too much to a spanking carried out right away.  Most of them had come expecting to see me turned over Zahera's knees.

It was decided that Zahera would use a hairbrush, as approved by my wife.  Zahera said she would rather use just her palm.  She is small but a competitive swimmer and didn't think she needed a hairbrush to teach me a lesson.

Finally  the situation was hashed out,  and Zahera started the proceedings with a series of slaps on my face, alternating on each cheek.  I believe she gave me three on each cheek but I was too stunned by the slapping to count accurately.

Then Zahera and her cousins took off my shoes.  This puzzled me, but she then sat me in one of the hair salon styling chairs, and took up the hairbrush.  She gave me a series of sharp blows with the back of the brush on the sole of my foot, first one and then the other.  I dissolved in tears, it was so painful, but Zahera held my feet steady and continued to deliver the slaps there.

The women applauded her when she let go of my feet.  "To have to look right into her eyes as she gives you the smaacks..that's really PUNISHMENT." said one of the women, the yoga teacher I believe.

Zahera discussed this punishment with the women while I continued crying in the chair.  I heard her say this was a traditional punishment from her part of Ethiopia.

After I finished crying she positioned herself in a straightback chair and unbuttoned by jeans, pulling them down to my ankles.  She then drew me over her lap, but found the chair was too low for her to have a good control over me since I could brace my feet on the floor.

 People found pillows and some binders to pile on the chair to make Zahera's sitting position high enough so my legs would be in mid air when I was lying over her knees.

 Also, the women wanted me positioned in front of the large mirrors in the salon so that I would have to watch Zahera in the mirror as she spanked me,a nd also so that I could see the growing audience;  people called on their cell phones and friends were arriving.

 I would say it took over half an hour of repeated turning me into position over Zahera's knees before she felt I was in the 'right' position.

It was nearly 6 o clock when she finally pulled down my underwear, to the whoops and shrieks of the audience.   A lot of comments were made about the whiteness of my bottom. Zahera said she had never spanked anyone so white before.  The women all giggled and made comments such as 'Bet it won't be white for long.."

They were proven right!

Zahera tied my underwear around my knees to keep me from kicking, and finalll started spanking me.
She would give me two or three smacks with her palm, until I would start to cry (that's all it took, she's strong.)

I was crying from embarrassment with all the slaps, the taking down of my pants, the comments about my white bottom, and all the positioning  of my behind on her lap...so maybe I was crying from that more than from her palm landing on my bottom..???

She'd stop and ask me why I had swatted her in front of her daughter and friends, why Ihad pinched Anne's friends, why Ihad laughed at Anne when she wanted to chide me about my behavior..why I had put a tack one woman's chair, had pretended to flirt with the lesbians...things I guesss she heard about from Anne or teh grapevine..

Plus she would stop and make me look in the mirror at my behind as it turned red.  Gradually, since she was precise in landing her palm in the same spot every time, a red imprint of her hand took form, one re palm print on each cheek.

In this way, the spanking was still going on when Magda got back (the owner of the salon) and wanted to close and go home.
So Zahera took up several  of the hairbrushes for sale in the salon, 'tested' them by using them on my bottom, and chose one. She then spanked me with hairbrush in the same way, stopping every two or three smacks to wait for me to stop crying so she could ask me questions and lecture me.

By 6"45 there were two red rectangles, with the imprint of the pattern on the back of the hairbrush, on my bottom, one on each cheek. The red rectangles included dozens of small blisters and welts, so I'm typing this standing up.  It will be SOME time before I can sit down again!

This was a 'good' spanking.

Afterward the women discussed making me write a blog about the punishment...This is just the beginning of the punishment for me.   There wil be a lot of correction,, I can see, in the coming days and weeks, with the spanking just a symbolic exercise of women's rights, and authority, and a way to make me wake up to their anger.

 More, much more, later.....I have to be put to bed now in the spare bedroom at Zahera's cousin's place, without dinner of course....   They put bandages on my bottom over the red rectangles....OUCH OUCH  OUCH.  It's hard to stop crying even though the spanking has been over for more than two hours.

I certainly can't drive home with my bottom in this condition!  My wife had agreeed I would be supervised tonight away from home. They'll bring me back tomorrow AM. 

I think my wife will slap me when I get back home, according to what Anne says.  

This was a very painful and embarrassing evening, but as I said, probably only the beginning....

I deserve the humiliation involved...as well as the smacks on the rear!

I was kept at her cousin's apartment, sent to bed without supper.  The next morning Ihad breakfast with Zahera and her family.  Zahera was back to being a demure old country girl.  She made me tea and had me sample the traditional Ethiopian fare on the injera bread that her family had for brunch.

I couldn't sleep well with my bottom stinging, so it was late before they came and got me to get up.

I couldn't believe the smiling friendly woman was the same one whose feet I had watched the night before, as she paddled by rear that she had carefully positoned on her lap.  The same woman who had stopped to bawl me out, who had made me watch the spanking in the mirror, who had made me cry...and cry..and cry.

Before Zahera took me home we discussed the blog I'm writing. She made me give her all my passwords.

She is thinking of suspending me from internet relationship chatrooms.  Also, she says I will have to meet with her friends from time to time to talk about why I was spanked.

She made all her relatives give me a slap in the face when we left.  My cheeks are swollen and the red stripes of her fingers are still a little visible on my face.

As for my bottom, suffice it to say that I can't even consider sitting down!!!  There are blisters there...

Input from any women reading this is more than welcome for her.